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6 Minute Circuit

The 6 minute circuit is a fantastic circuit style of training using only bodyweight. It is great for burning fat as well as developing muscular endurance mainly in the legs whilst keeping the intensity of the workout high. It is the perfect circuit to do if you are limited on time. The idea is that [...] Read More

Barbell Complex

The barbell complex is a fantastic circuit style of training using a barbell. It is fantastic for burning fat as well as developing lean mass whilst keeping the intensity of the workout high. The idea is that you use a light/medium weight that you can sustain throughout the complex. We are going for muscular endurance [...] Read More

Little changes that can make a big difference

Starting a new exercise routine or embarking on lifestyle changes can be very daunting. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there. It sounds strange but sometimes too much information can lead to making bad decisions about your health. For example you look for advice on diet […]

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How often to train?

This is a question that I get asked from exercise class members and clients time and time again. You may have many different reasons for wanting to exercise, it may be due to social aspects, the feel-good factor, to be healthier or simply for a hobby but the main reason to why people exercise is […]

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Delayed onset of muscle soreness

It has come to my attention that many people get deterred from sticking to a new exercise routine because of their experiences after the first session. I am not talking about the actual session itself but about that pain in your muscles you feel after undertaking a new routine. Many of you will see this […]

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The problem with sugar

So we should all know by now that excess sugar in the diet is a bad thing. It’s one of the primary reasons why as a nation we are getting bigger and bigger and health problems are on the rise. The problem is that a lot of the foods we eat contain vast amounts of […]

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The importance of resistance training for fat loss

Far too many times I have come across ladies trying to achieve their weight loss goals and not suceeding because their training routine consists mainly of steady state cardio exercise. In my experience I have often found that a lot of women are deterred by resistance training for numerous reasons but mainly because they fear […]

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