Delayed onset of muscle soreness

It has come to my attention that many people get deterred from sticking to a new exercise routine because of their experiences after the first session. I am not talking about the actual session itself but about that pain in your muscles you feel after undertaking a new routine. Many of you will see this as a negative consequence of performing exercise, but I want you to understand that this sensation is definitely a positive thing.

Firstly it is important to define what this pain it is that you are feeling. The pain that you feel is referred to as delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). You will usually feel muscle soreness, muscle pain, or muscle stiffness a day or two after exercise. This pain can last as long as a day or even up to a week to get better depending on individual and the exercise undertaken. It is thought that microspoic tears in the muscle fibers cause DOMS. This can frighten new exercisers but it is very much a normal response to unfamiliar exertion. The response that you get is all part of the adaptation process that will ensure your muscles will increase their stamina and strength. This means that you will be getting more toned and fitter as a result of this soreness.

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