Little changes that can make a big difference

Starting a new exercise routine or embarking on lifestyle changes can be very daunting. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there. It sounds strange but sometimes too much information can lead to making bad decisions about your health. For example you look for advice on diet changes and find 100s of complicated diets; you get bogged down, demoralised and confused by this and end up not changing anything.Initially you should focus on the basics. Eat clean and exercise more. It is true that certain foods and diets will aid fat loss more than others and certain training will be more beneficial for different people but the fact of the matter is that making little changes will kick start your lifestyle changes, increase your motivation and the rest will follow.

Let’s focus on exercise. In order for you to achieve your weight loss and toning goals you need to take advantage of those opportunities to burn some extra calories. Take work for example, if you work in an office you will be sitting on your bum for the majority of the day. We are not designed to be inactive for long periods of time. Try to keep yourself moving. On your lunch break make sure you get out of the office and go for a walk or jog. Use the stairs instead of getting in the lift. Don’t sit for more than an hour, get up and move around. Ideally, if you can, kick start you day with some form of activity, how about walking to work? If you live too far away try parking 10 minutes away from your office and do the walk from there. All this will help boost your metabolism and increase your energy expenditure

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