Programme Design

Sometimes you may be motivated to train on your own but may not have a suitable and effective programme to follow. You may have tried numerous different training programmes and diets that just haven’t got you the results you want. A lot of the time people don’t follow any programme at all and go into the gym with no structured plan. As agreed by the majority of exercise professionals out there this will be detrimental to your training goals. Having an effective plan will keep you motivated and focused when training and will help you reach your goals.

Charlie Hobson Personal Training is now offering a 6 week programme design so that you can ensure you are getting the most effective training programme for your specific goals. The programme will be designed based on responses from questionnaires sent to you via email. The programme will then be designed based on your personal goals to help you get the best results possible.

The package includes:

  • 6 week exercise programme design
  • Personal support through email and phone during your programme
  • Nutritional advice specific to your training goals


6 Week Programme = £120

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