Janet – Lost 7.1 kg, 6.3 % body fat, 8.5 cm off her waist

‘Having lost some weight, I decided that I needed to also improve my overall fitness and better understand how to lose weight properly.

I started initially by restricting carbohydrates and not really eating the right things.

Working with Charlie and using the MyFitnessPal application, we reviewed my nutrition and I made further changes, bringing in the right carbs and increasing my vegetables to get my nutrient levels better.  I now understand far better which foods are right and how much I need to eat.

I also made some changes to my drinking habits.  I avoid drinking during the week – it used to be a daily tipple after work – and have changed to drinking gin and slimline tonics rather than cider or wine.  I can’t believe how many empty calories I consumed without realising.

Working with Charlie twice a week I have also seen a great improvement in my general fitness.  Where I wouldn’t necessarily have pushed myself at a gym, Charlie gives me the motivation to push myself harder and the results are showing.  I have also started to attend some classes and have even been spotted jogging.

'I feel fitter and healthier’

Janet lost 6.6Kg before joining Principal Fitness between August 2016 and November 2016. Since joining she has lost a further 7.1 kg in weight, 6.3 % body fat, 8.5 cm off her waist and 6 cm off her hips but more importantly she is building a sustainable way to keep the weight off with healthy nutrition and a regular exercise routine.

She has so far lost 13.7 kg in weight which I am sure you will agree is a fantastic achievement.

James – I’ve got a bespoke nutrition plan that works around my busy schedule

Firstly, Charlie is an exceptional and hard working personal trainer. He is very personable and has vast amounts of knowledge.

I have been training with Charlie for well over a year now and my initial goal was to improve my strength, create some definition and improve my motivation and commitment to training. I initially started training once a week with Charlie but soon realised that I needed his motivation and support and therefore we now train twice a week together and I train a further session on my own.

The workout sessions are progressive, interesting and I actually feel like I am achieving something. Training with Charlie is such a rewarding experience and I always look forward to the next session. Charlie gives me a new programme every 6 weeks, which also keeps it enjoyable and challenging.

Over the year I have noticed results through increased strength during training sessions and muscle definition.

Charlie also spends the time to educate me regarding my diet plan. Due to my extensive work commitments, we have learned that it is hard for me to eat regularly and give my body the correct levels of protein, carbohydrates and fats to increase my size through training. Therefore Charlie has developed a bespoke nutrition programme for me to follow, which enables me to consume up to 3500 calories per day.

I am very grateful for his guidance and motivation throughout the last year and would not have achieved the results so far without Charlie.

Sallie – I was in shape for my wedding last August thanks to Charlie and his unwavering encouragement.

For years I’ve suffered from a yo-yo existence between health club memberships, and the purchasing of DVD’s, all promising ‘a new me within weeks’..

We all have great intentions, but may have difficulty keeping up the motivation, eventually lose the will, and the gym membership, like the dvd’s (and unused weights stored in the corner of my bedroom) start to gather dust. Does this ring a bell ?! I’m sure I’m not alone in this…

The breakthrough for me came exactly 2 years ago. I was running to catch the last train and barely made it, struggling pathetically behind my considerably fitter friend. Clutching my chest and announcing I was on the verge of a heart attack, I collapsed into the nearest seat, horribly out of breath. It took me ages to catch my breath back in comparison to Sharon, whose recovery time was minutes. It was a mortifying experience, one that finally put paid to years of making stupid mistakes and wasting money in an attempt to get fit.

I spent the train journey home realizing that I needed to treat my body with more respect and it was at that point that I made the mental shift from ..”I really should try to get fit”… to “ I CAN and WILL GET FIT”. I immediately started searching the internet for PT’s in my area and came across Charlie.

Contact made, consultation set up, nutrition and training program sorted, things finally started to fall into place. I actually began to look forward to working out – something that previously had held as much appeal as a trip to the dentist. It took me about a month and some pretty serious investment in myself and I suddenly turned a corner, I was so happy to find that I was no longer totally breathless and my recovery was so much faster.

The impact that training with Charlie has had on me is invaluable. He turns up at my home, punctual to the minute and we do an always varied program. It is never boring or repetitive, and he loves to throw a new move into the mix to keep it fresh. He checks my nutrition, is not disapproving, doesn’t shout, but is incredibly motivational – and that’s what it’s all about.

In fact, I find myself working so much harder because he is such a nice guy, you just don’t want to let him down.

I’m letting you see my first year stats because I am so proud of my achievement, which Charlie and I worked hard for. I was in shape for my wedding last August thanks to Charlie and his unwavering encouragement.

In case you’re wondering.. I’m 58 and have never felt this healthy, happy or as good about myself in my life.

Sallie Winterburn (Now Mrs Kneller)


Ian Philpott, Clifford

“I have been working with Charlie Hobson since February 2013, once a week, training outside. During that time I have lost 3.5KG (8lbs), not a lot you may think, however what this hides is that I have lost 10cm (3 inches) off my waist and my body fat I have reduced by a massive 19.6%, my resting heartbeat is down from 71 to 51. Basically I am now an awful lot fitter with more muscle and less fat! Charlie is not for the faint hearted, and the soreness takes 48 hours to go. But you are paying for him so why not. Although the sessions may seem expensive to some I now don’t go to the gym, a few simple weights and exercises at home keep my physique changing.  Also the session is not the only time he spends working with you, each session is planned and documented and he helps on nutrition and other sporting or leisure goals you may have. Yes I was in reasonable shape for a 48 year old, but my health is important to me, plus I have had a bad hip for many years, you just get used to pushing through it!!”

Caroline Woffenden, Sheffield

“Charlie Hobson was my personal trainer in Sheffield for a year during 2010. Charlie is both very personable & very professional. He worked hard to understand my goals & plan a suitable programme around this, incorporating both exercise &eating recommendations. All his sessions were both motivational & fun. With Charlie’s support I achieved my goals. I would recommend Charlie to anybody.”

Cath Winter, Boston Spa

“I have been going to Charlie’s Jump Start class since the Summer and have to say was not fit at all and slightly reluctant if I am totally honest. Charlie is so enthusiastic and has amazing knowledge of what he does and always puts a great plan together each week which is varied and gives us a great body workout. His classes are fun and he cares about what he does and about his clients. The proof is that we all attend each week at 6.30am so to me that speaks volumes!! I for one am sticking and am pleased to say I have lost a stone since starting Jump Start.”

Kath, North Yorkshire

“Just to say thankyou for all your support & help to date with my training; I find your practical approach & friendly nature a real asset & it benefits me greatly in achieving my personal goals

Since utilizing your services I have achieved weight reduction, improved my core strength, seen vast improvements in my body shape & most importantly seen my running times improve so I achieved a personal best in the London 10k this year, all with your HELP!

 All I can say is one BIG THANKYOU!!!”

Kate Sellars, Boston Spa

“Having only done a few weeks at Charlie’s circuit training class I noticed my fitness returning immediately. I have strengthened my upper body strength significantly, lost weight and body fat and overall feel much better than before the 6 week program. Charlie makes the classes fun and keeps you going when you get tired.”

Leanne Worth, Clifford

“I’ve been working with Charlie for about a year now, attending Jump Start sessions. I really look forward to my early 6.30am start – although getting out of bed is hard, it’s always worth it and it’s great to get the exercise done in the morning. Charlie is great at keeping us motivated to work hard whilst still creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. I have definitely got fitter and lost inches by doing this class. Something I’ve not managed in many other attempts. I would absolutely endorse having Charlie as your PT if you are thinking about it.”

Mark James, Wetherby

“I’ve always found Charlie very approachable and flexible in terms of working towards my own personal goals. He’ll create a programme that suits you and push you gently along the way to keep you focussed. I would highly recommend him, a good guy.”

Lucy Horsman, York

“He has an amazing ability to pick you up off the floor when you’re flagging & push you to the limit, just when you think you’ve had enough! Combine all this with his extensive knowledge, training tips & helpful dietary advice & you couldn’t ask for a better instructor!”

Georgiana Barton, Collingham

“I was very apprehensive in getting back into training again after having a c section in February and not really having done much exercise over the last few years! Charlie listened to what I wanted to achieve and really motivated me into getting back into shape. Every session is well thought out and actually great fun once you get going. He also has given great nutritional advice as well throughout. I can’t believe I have nearly lost all my baby weight and feel so much younger and fitter in just 3 months. Charlie is always punctual, very polite and full of energy to get the best out of you each session and I would strongly recommend Charlie to anyone for personal training sessions.”

Sarah Dent, Marton cum Grafton

“Training with Charlie has changed my life!  Would I ever have dared to do this before?? NO WAY!! Charlie gets the balance right, not too soft, not too shouty.  I am seeing better results than ever now I have upped my sessions to two per week and am sticking to his program at home. Charlie’s style of HIIT training was definitely a good move.  My fitness has reached a new level and I now look forward to training instead of dreading it.”

Ross Trutch, Boston Spa

“I have been seeing Charlie twice a week since the beginning of November. The results are noticeable and my re-measure (MOT) this week confirmed this. Going to the sessions and having the continued nutrition advice has generally made me much more pro active and has put more structure back into my routine. The secession are varied and tailored.  I would defiantly recommend Charlie.

Richard Kay, Marton Cum Grafton

I have been training with Charlie Hobson for the past 4 years. I was originally introduced to Charlie by a friend of mine after being diagnosed with border line type 2 diabetes.

I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age, (currently forty-nine) if not for the personal attention, motivation, given in my training sessions. Charlie is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession.  I have not looked back since I started training with Charlie and was out of the diabetes type 2 danger zone within 3 months.

I would recommend Charlie Hobson in a heartbeat. I aim to continue to train and maintain a good level of fitness with Charlie help for a long time to come”

Jane Smith, Thorner

“Approaching retirement and 60 I decided that I needed to tackle the extra pounds that my running regime just wasn’t removing. Since working with Charlie I have lost kilograms, slowly and steadily, as well as centimetres from my waist and chest areas.

Charlie is reliable and encouraging; he provides exercise programmes and supports you with diet providing resources to help you track what you eat. Working with Charlie was one of the best decisions I made last year”

Bobby Turner, Harrogate

“A great experience overall. Charlie helped me with my personal training programme and pushed me to get to the fitness levels that I wanted! Couldn’t ask for more.”

Hilary Cooper, Wetherby

“I have been working with Charlie since April 2018. Charlie devised a plan of action for me which also included the days I was not seeing him so that I could keep up with my fitness.  He also advised on nutrition and got me using an app on my phone to monitor my intake daily.  He pushes you but without you being aware. I have noticed that my legs especially are better toned and firmer and that my pelvic floor and stomach muscles are much better balanced and I have tighter control. I am menopausal but have noticed that the training regime has also helped with this and limited the side effects of the menopause. I would definitely recommend Charlie. He is very pleasant and social-able and gets me training when others couldn’t.”