The importance of resistance training for fat loss

Far too many times I have come across ladies trying to achieve their weight loss goals and not suceeding because their training routine consists mainly of steady state cardio exercise.

In my experience I have often found that a lot of women are deterred by resistance training for numerous reasons but mainly because they fear that they will get large muscles by training with weights. However, this is not the case. You will never put on huge amount of muscle mass regardless of how much you lift because females simply don’t have the hormones to get a big physique. The funny thing is women generally want to tone up and lose fat mass, but avoid resistance training which is a vital element that will help them achieve this goal. The benefits of an effective resistance training programme will help improve muscle tone, strength and muscle sensitivity to insulin. Not only this but by adding resistance training regulary into your routine you will burn more calories and burn more fat. I know you are probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, so I will explain further why I believe everyone should include some form of resistance training into their routine.

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