The problem with sugar

So we should all know by now that excess sugar in the diet is a bad thing. It’s one of the primary reasons why as a nation we are getting bigger and bigger and health problems are on the rise. The problem is that a lot of the foods we eat contain vast amounts of sugar, and we often don’t know how much sugar we are actually consuming. The classic example is to look at fizzy drinks, a 330 ml can of pop can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar!

Another example that I was shocked to learn the other day was the amount of sugar that goes into baking, now I don’t do much baking and I have never really had a sweet tooth for cakes and have never really been interested in what’s in them because I don’t eat many. However the other day the Mrs decided to show me how to make a microwave cake (not sure that’s classed as baking but hey ho). So first point of call she gets out a mug, all ok so far, then walks to the cupboard (and this is where everything goes down hill very quickly) and the very first ingredient that goes into the mix is 4 heaped tablespoons of sugar followed by 4 heaped tablespoons of refined flour! Now this shocks me, surely that cant be right I say? Surely there must be a misprint? But no that is how much sugar goes into a small cake serving plus a whole load of other crap. I appreciate that I probably should know this, but it really hit home when you put it all together yourself. This transfers to a lot of other foods that you eat that are ready made or processed. You just don’t think about what you are actually eating!

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