Experience:5 year




Hi, I’m Jon. My specialities lie in training for endurance activities. Since my late teenage years I have competed in triathlons, cycling and running events and have been fortunate enough to train with some national-level athletes. This has allowed me to build a wide knowledge base on different approaches to training and nutrition.

I’ve a strong belief that a holistic approach to health, integrating a wide range of weightlifting and bodyweight movements coupled with good nutrition and stretching is the best way to achieve a fantastic physique and healthy body. As a trainer at Principal Fitness, the wide variety of classes we offer reflects these beliefs perfectly, providing a fantastic platform for us to help you achieve your aims.

Personally, I gain a huge amount of satisfaction from setting ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them. As a person who also has a great passion for educating and helping others achieve their health goals, it would be a pleasure to help you achieve yours too!